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Value Driven Organization and Business Growth

Short piece on new emerging business paradigm. Interview with Jeff Dunn, Richard Hawkes, Dawna Markova and Richard Barrett, in Costa Rica at the CEO Leadership Summit. Looking at business as a platform for solving global issues. Produced by Growth River.

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Public Speaking Tips : How to Use Openers in Public Speaking

Learn the different ways you can begin a public speech in this free video lesson from a professional public speaker. Expert: Scott Ginsberg Contact: Bio: Scott Ginsberg is an author of five books, a professional speaker, and the only person in the world who wears a name tag 24-7 to make people friendlier. Filmmaker: Ross Safronoff

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Online Public Speaking Workshop: How to Give a Speech Sitting Down

Learn tips for speaking while sitting down at a table with expert public oration tips in this free online public speaking video clip.

Expert: Don Varney Bio: Don Varney was one of the first 33 members of the US Air Force to receive the Professional Performer Award, an award created in 1974 to honor excellence in the Air Force. Filmmaker: Mark Sullivan

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Public Speaking, Movement and Gesture (Highlights) - 1940s

This film is pure nostalgia and great fun! Great for training in the office as an ice-breaker (Oh, the things we had to do in the days before powerpoint!

This early Coronet film takes us through the basics of effective public speaking, with its focus on body posture and gestures. There is some very funny footage here; especially in the scene demonstrating how not to make gestures when speaking (what a forensic geek this dude is!).

The final "live" speech is great in that it is about nuclear energy! The speaker's motions are so calculated (albeit exaggerated for example), they are counter-productive to the film's lesson and ultimately distract from what the speaker is trying to say.

Great film. See the complete original print of this film for auction on ebay through 10/23!

Note: The following clip was taken directly from the original 16mm print and has been edited to approximately half the film's original length.

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Public Speaking - Giving a Great Speech: Eye Contact

Great public speakers make eye contact in order to connect with the audience.

Here's some tips on how to develop good eye contact while speakings from a communications specialist  Tracy Goodwin

Bio: Tracy has a masters in corporate communication and ten years experience in professional speaking. Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA

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