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On February 27th, 2017

How to rock the stage - public speaking and presentation skills you can master

How many times have you had to sit through a boring presentation?

How to rock the stage is a guide to help you make your presentations more interesting while teaching you the confidence skills you need to get up and give a public talk whether it be to an audience of two or two thousand.

Dr James Whittaker, Distinguished Engineer from Microsoft and Dr. Michelle Dickinson, Materials Engineer from The University of Auckland and winner of the Prime Ministers Science Media Communications prize are polar opposites. One an introvert, one an extrovert, one very comfortable on the stage, the other not, yet they both give public talks often and tackle their preparation differently.

In this one hour talk, they give their secrets for how to improve your public speaking skills based on their experience and address the difference between both male and females, introverts and extroverts.

Dananjaya Hettiarachchi World Champion of Public Speaking 2014 - Full Speech

A speech that changed my Life. The full version of the winning speech !
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32 responses to “How to rock the stage - public speaking and presentation skills you can master”

  1. JAMES COLGAN says:

    Good stuff, but not all that great stories. Nevertheless, good advice. However, I remember one time...

  2. Michael Melone says:

    James is the best speaker I've ever seen.  So glad he shares some of his secrets :)

  3. Julio Meza says:


  4. Kathleen Nelson says:

    The swearing detracts from an otherwise great talk.

  5. gameraddictsHD says:

    This is great stuff 

  6. Jonathan Bhagan says:

    great talk nanogirl :)

  7. Boutayna Zakariya says:

    James is amazing.   I had the chance to attend two of his classes and every time I was under his charm

  8. Ricardo Trindade says:


  9. Ricardo Trindade says:

    cool stuff

  10. martin zhu says:

    Great talk!

  11. innocent odeny says:

    thanks so much. got a presentation soon and your advises was golden.

  12. Wes Bagsby (TACFIT DarkKnights) says:

    Great talk!  I laughed, I learned and most of all I listened, for the whole hour. Nano girl and Dr. Whittaker hit a home run with this one. As a sales consultant, I'm recommending that all of my peers watch this presentation.  Great job guys!

  13. DerSpielerMabuse says:

    "go slay them" haha, great talk

  14. charan sai says:

    so the whole story goes fake when he picks up another flower ... he is hiding so he is fake.. This whole shitty presentations or fake speech people should have some sense towards nature, not on their attire and body language. It is a flower for god sake ! He kills one and throws another to prove he is fake.. and we applause, laugh and give these people awards...

    Hypocrisy... !!!

  15. Sagar Salvi says:

    Awesome speech.

  16. windion sarmiento says:

    This is what I really want.

  17. Susana Exposito says:

    love it!

  18. Oliver Khoo says:


  19. Nikunj Jain says:

    You're a champ, buddy! Well expressed and flawlessly executed story!

  20. Rachel Onikosi says:

    Standing ovation!!

  21. sushant poudel says:

    THis is what called truly inspiring :)

  22. Budi Panjaitan says:

    I love that it's inspired me already...

  23. The Pussy Diaries says:

    Look at that bulge!

  24. Muhammad BarCa says:

    You ALL here fellows .. REMEMBER the name " NASEER AHMAD" ...

  25. mike mcg says:

    AWESOME, very good, funny. Great talk.

  26. Leopoldo Pascua II (Pasky263) says:

    cool guy. Soft but manly. such an inspiration.

  27. Happy Prem says:

    Beautiful inspiring speech brother. I see something special in YOU. I like it.

  28. Amy Hart says:

    I love this. Inspirational, funny, really makes ya think.

  29. Nikhita Savant says:

    Good Speaking Style

  30. Jennifer Im says:

    Dananjaya, I was fortunate to have heard you speak when I first started out in Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program, to this day I am inspired by you. Thank you. You set the bar high ! Tc

  31. Souley Meaki Johoa says:


  32. dilanka prabath says:

    it' amazing ..i would like to follow that your way, sir

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