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On February 10th, 2017

TED's secret to great public speaking | Chris Anderson

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Public speaking

There's no single formula for a great talk, but there is a secret ingredient that all the best ones have in common. TED Curator Chris Anderson shares this secret — along with four ways to make it work for you. Do you have what it takes to share an idea worth spreading?

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Looking for public speaking tips? Learn five ways to help ensure your next speech is a success.

38 responses to “TED's secret to great public speaking | Chris Anderson”

  1. aaron sharif says:

    Actually, the same pattern is NOT exactly the same in everyone's brain but cool.

  2. Sindur PS says:

    this is a great speak, thank you Mr. Chris Anderson!

  3. ramachandra deshpande says:

    yet another great piece of information from Ted. thank you very much. please keep sharing.

  4. Ballsdeep Singh says:

    Step 5. Have a posh British accent.

  5. JewLube says:

    Sam Hyde brought me here!

  6. Vanessa Avila says:

    Guess you also need a persuasive voice. Amazing tips! Thank you.

  7. Ruthenia. says:

    how does someone sign up to be a Ted talk speaker?

  8. The Lord says:


  9. peter jones says:

    I was quite struck by listening to Wil Self the other day. Ideas are a process pandemonium. A summation of life experience,education,training and circumstances pulled together by a learned thought process. The terminology and examples are misleading in this talk, almost as though you were in touching distance of what you wanted to communicate. A speaker believed that creative ideas were almost important as basic education. clearly this belief is not supported in the education system until basic knowledge is learnt and understood. what he was likely to be observing is technique of learning to formed ideas by connecting the building blocks in the second sentence. It is not true that ideas come before these building blocks are established in the brain as knowledge is layered.

    The process you go on to describe is just that layering relevant knowledge in the listeners brain.

  10. Jesse Beale says:

    Just what I needed thanks

  11. Lenny Taerts says:

    If it's not a Ted technology talk, then it's just pretentious trash in my life. I gain nothing of value from the other talks. And at the cost of attendance, that's unacceptable.

  12. MrOmega says:

    well that was brilliant!

  13. Adam Pearce says:

    So great thank you.

  14. NeonsStyle says:

    Awesome advice. Thank you

  15. Silva Rado says:

    He's basically outlining Chris Rock's stand up formula.

  16. Oliver Powell says:

    I'm Nigerian and chimamadaa is aswell :)

  17. Gilang Akbar says:

    Why does it cutted so abruptly at the end?

  18. Matthew Frank says:

    Why does it seem that so many of the new uploaded ted talks are all pushing one of three ideas and not portraying both sides?

  19. Share Channel says:

    Great tips! Be aware that a good part of the conference will be due to your interpersonal communication.

  20. Abhinav Atwal says:

    I'll be presenting in front of my class tomorrow. Wish me luck :3

  21. Abhinav Atwal says:

    1. Know your speech.
    2. Know your audience.
    3. Don't apologise.
    4. Imagine yourself giving a great speech.
    5. Focus on your message, not yourself.

  22. livinginfaith75 says:

    Thank you:-)

  23. David Jones says:

    dwayne johnson expressions

  24. AdversaryOne says:

    Didn't this dude play Bruce Lee in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story?

  25. Roselyne Maranga says:

    love it

  26. MACKLEB says:

    This guy looks like svester stalone, dwayne johnson, and a random asian had a baby

  27. Chandan Bhosale says:

    ty sir..i will put this into actn.

  28. MercuryLove46 says:

    #1 be physically appealing

  29. Alexander Rogers says:

    Do you know of any book which says 4-5 probable answers to tricky questions. So there s a list of q&a

  30. Paul says:

    this presentation was very well prepared, however it just looked insincere (contrived facial gestures). sounded a lot better than it looked. needs to relax to come across more natural (too controlled and contrived)

  31. Nobody Here says:

    Is this for kids?

  32. Daniel White says:

    It's library... not liberry.

  33. waykiwayki says:

    thank you very much :-)

  34. StephCat 718 says:

    The last speech I gave I ran from the room and cried. Not to mention the professor called attention to the flaws in my speech in front of everyone so it made things a lot worse. It was absolutely horrible. I have to give 2 speeches this semester. I just hope I can get through it.

  35. _Azaria Animations_ says:

    I'm running for student council president TOMORROW... Wish me good luck... Rest in spaghetti never fogetti

  36. Brand Bishop says:

    After watching this video twice,I realized that this guy never blink....

  37. longwalkshortpier says:

    What's a "libary"...

  38. Naveed Subhan says:

    This person himself is reading his material and did not memorize it!!!

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