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On March 11th, 2010

The Future of communication

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Provocative video offering predictions on the future of communications; Google, Microsoft,Yahoo!, Amazon...

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25 responses to “The Future of communication”

  1. 20Justin1 says:

    wait if microsoft gets sold be google then what would the X-box be?? the name would be like The Google-Box

  2. robotmen007 says:

    This video is named originally the MEDIA REVOLUTION.

  3. ContagiouslyParanoid says:

    Don't like all those "prophecies" either... i don't want an augmented reality in which i already know everything about a person by just seeing him or her... this would be just boring.
    Life is what happens outside.

    Anyway, the internet has improved and will keep improving life quality.

  4. AlexAcE1 says:

    i'm born in 91:P so i understand the video.
    maybe u don't understand me... i know what the life is:)
    Anyway, i said my opinion there:)

  5. joshieboi005 says:

    well u were probally born way back in the 70's or 80's when life wasnt as good. So u wouldnt understand.

  6. nokuhobune says:

    makes me thinkinghow muck that plastic paper will cost

  7. yagsisiht99 says:

    everyday google is getting more and more powerful , microsoft isnt that popular among users anymore , its only a matter of time

  8. ubamilitary says:

    @yourliver1 : Point being?

  9. AlexAcE1 says:

    yeah, stupid concepts about the future. Hope the future will never be like that and the real life will always be more important than the virtual life.
    And before 2000, when were less computers, when i was small there was many people on the street, but today, they are about a quarter from what was before 2000. Many chosen the virtual life. Hope they will come back to the reality. We need real life, pleasure, happiness, successes, not virtual ones that makes no reason to the life. opinion:P

  10. elgiulixXD says:

    amazing !

  11. yourliver1 says:

    @ubamilitary. Maybe you should rewatch the video. @2:35 quote... "anyone can read anything on PLASTIC paper".

  12. griffgriff100 says:

    i know right, thats the one thing that internet explorer lacks, beside the speed

  13. swnzpd says:

    @griffgriff100 NOOOOOO!!! I FEEL YOUR PAIN!

  14. griffgriff100 says:

    yup, and thats what spell check is for, its just that I don't own the computer, so i can't install firefox, so i stuck in dumb internet explorer without spell check

  15. ddaanniieell117 says:

    it did lol

  16. ubamilitary says:

    @yourliver1 : mmm okay...sure...

  17. swnzpd says:

    true, that's why we have technology!

  18. kayserikay says:

    @swnzpd that was funny. ty

  19. jlmood2007 says:

    why hire Dracula 2 be the narrator ?

  20. griffgriff100 says:

    not everybody is perfect 😉

  21. ShKitSo says:

    its the Illuminati all seeing eye, they control us with knowledge kids fight for your freedom, achieve your goals and dreams, change the world of what its going to be

  22. swnzpd says:

    @griffgriff100 I have a fealing you spelled feeling wrong 😛

  23. ifraaz350zGTR says:

    Lol.. Google > Microsoft??? WOW! haha like to c that happen ayee

  24. yourliver1 says:

    @ubamilitary: interestingly enough, i just saw a video about how it is going to be put in greeting cards. All you gotta do is youtube the stuff.

  25. ubamilitary says:

    @yourliver1 :

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