The Career Adventure: Your Guide to Personal Assessment, Career Exploration, and Decision Making

Product Description For Freshman/Senior-level courses in Career Planning, Career Development, and Job-Seeking Skills. Focused solidly on “doing” rather than on “explaining,” this text gets right to the heart of career decision making: It 1) walks students through the process of self-knowledge and self-discovery, 2) encourages them to believe in themselves and in their own ability … Read more

Career Development Explained – Reasons You Must Take It Seriously

In today’s modern era, it is common to change careers at least once .This change can also be entirely different from the previous one. If the change in career is frequent then it is important and better to know about career development.

The steps taken towards choosing a career can also be defined as career development. It is a career path that trains you to choose the best for your life. Career development includes testing a person’s stress manageability, preparation and training to enter a career and inherent skills. It is also important to advance in the present career and to know how good you are at changing directions that leads to a betterment in the career. A well updated and rich knowledge will prove to be very helpful in career development.

While considering an individual’s current situation it is very significant to know about career development. Some people work for the money they are paid. This might lead to an unhappy employee, an I don’t mind attitude towards work and overwhelming stress levels. Such should not be the attitude of an employee. Hence it is always better that you love your job, this is possible only if you notice a development in what you work at. Ultimately career development is what matters.

To learn more on the field we pursue, shows the interest we have on our work. This involves online or traditional classes, self study taking help from a mentor, knowing about career requirements and proceeding to study further even after the job is fixed. Hence a continual working and learning process will be indeed helpful.

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Why People Resist Change

You are in the midst of implementing an important change in your organization and find not everybody is rallying around you. Some of the people you need are not translating their words into action or have refused outright to support your change effort. The executive sponsor who liked the idea of being aligned with a high profile, cutting-edge technology change program has failed to deliver the program budget he promised you.

Or the implementation of the performance bonus system designed to lift the take-home pay of low paid process workers has not convinced them to adopt the new system. You thought that you had hit people’s hot buttons and can’t understand their reluctance to support your change efforts. You now need to develop a deeper understanding of the motivators that drive the people in your organization.

Let’s consider more closely the performance bonus example mentioned above. In this case, process workers were promised a 5% increase in their pay if they increased the number of assemblies they produced by 30% over a one-month period. Bonuses were to be calculated and distributed based on each individual’s output for the month. The increase in productivity was only possible if the process worker learned and used the new computer controlled production machine.

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5 STEPS TO A GREAT JOB OFFER – Job Search Seminar

Album Description The “5 STEPS” detailed in this audio seminar are typical hiring steps required to generate a job offer. Follow five guides from hiring experts to improve your odds of getting a career level job offer in the next 30-45 days. The “5 STEPS” include: 1- CAREER ASSESSMENT – Determine your specific job requirements … Read more

The Keys To Successful Career Assessment

Career Counselors

A career assessment will guide you in the direction of selecting the right career for yourself. They are available over the Internet and also through help from a qualified career counselor.

Career counselors are qualified to administer a career assessment. They administer and score assessment tests and interpret the results to find your strengths and weaknesses. They advise you and make suggestions to make sure you’re on the right track.

Experts do not find free career assessments available over the Internet reliable enough to completely depend on them.

Online Career Assessments

A number of assessments are available online, so you need to check them out and compare them first to find the ones that will meet your needs. However, they may not be hundred percent reliable.

According to some experts, online career assessments can provide you with direction, ideas and even guidelines to careers that you would never have thought of. These suggestions will make it well worth the effort to further explore them to find out if they would be of interest to you.

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A Career Assessment Test Can Change Your Life

Do you fear remaining trapped in the same boring job and facing the same grind over and over again? Do you feel like your expectations and your job are at different wavelengths? Is your boss a pain? Are you stressed out at work?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes” then you surely need a change. But probably, you are not very sure which way to go. You may be ridden with serious doubts about your future career prospects. Nothing new there. Like you, thousands of others are also wondering what to do with their lives; unlike you, a few of them have chosen to do something about it.

There are cost effective ways to explore your career possibilities, extend your productivity and reach a state where you are content with your personal and professional achievement. You can land your dream job, earn the salary you yearn for and become the kind of professional you want to. In short, it may be time for a career assessment test!

Tasks and education, training and required experience are only a few of the issues that career assessment involves. A career assessment test functions as an effective tool or symbolically speaking “a mirror” of what you are really fit for. Therefore, learning something more about the opportunities that could be lying ahead of you in your area of expertise will make it easy for you to make the correct career decisions.

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Using Assessment Results for Career Development

Product Description Master the use of assessment instruments with USING ASSESSMENT RESULTS FOR CAREER DEVELOPMENT! This practical workbook illustrates how to use assessment results to increase your clients’ self-awareness and make rational career choices. Case studies, charts, bulleted/numbered lists, dialogues, and agency addresses are just a few of the tools that will help you effectively … Read more

Finding Success in Career Assessment

Successful people generally work in a career that they love. By using a career assessment test, you can discover your strengths and skills and match them to an occupation and working environment most suited to you. Career assessments tools come in many forms but most career assessment tests focus on the following:

  • Personality assessments seek your values and determine your decision making style.
  • Personality assessments evaluate how you convey information to others and your work style. They help match your personality to an occupation and working environment most compatible to you.
  • Skills and aptitudes assessments determine mathematical, analytical, artistic, and creative skills to name a few.
  • Interest assessment tests determine where your passions lie. These tests can help determine the best working environment for you (indoors or outdoors), or they can reveal if you’ll succeed best working with other people or independently.

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The Power of Positive Influence

A positive influence may come in many shapes and sizes. There is a theory I read about, quite a long time ago but that theory left an impact on me. It goes something like this-just the act of observing something can have an influence on what is being observed. In simple terms, to look at something or just be in its presence actually changes its nature. Now if I was to explain what this means I would have to go into a physics lesson and that is not what this is about. The overall principle and how it relates to human behavior and interaction is what I am most interested in.

When we come into contact with other people we need to have the knowledge and inclination to discern whether they will have a positive influence over us or a negative one. While people can have all sorts of influence over each other, there are two general classes that we can examine and those are negative and positive. Negative influences are to be avoided or weakened in their power over you. These are people who are pessimistic, complaining, hopeless, deceptive, and basically believing that life is an endless struggle.

Filling your life with positive influences will have a far better effect on your ultimate destiny. Positive influences are people who are optimistic, disciplined, confident, supportive, cheerful, honest, loving, and generally believing that they can control their lives and destinies. The degree of influence we have over each other is much more powerful than you may have ever known. The mere presence of someone with a negative personality can affect you in a negative way. You see attitudes are contagious.

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