Business Growth – Doing It Through The Employee Handbook

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I’ve worked with many Human Resource professionals in my career.  I’ve developed a tremendous amount of respect for these hardworking people and I’m glad I don’t have to do their job.

Recruiting, hiring, training, adjusting attitudes, following regulations, generating the mountains of required documentation, and numerous other responsibilities to no end.  

But one of their most important tasks is to get a new employee “up and running” so the business can reap the rewards of a productive individual.

The importance of starting off right

One of the lost opportunities is to communicate the importance of helping the business grow.  So many employees just fall into a day to day routine that focuses only on job tasks, and lose site of the bigger picture, helping the business grow.  That is, everyone in the company is a salesperson.  Everyone is responsible for public relations.  

Whenever an employee promotes their company, they are actually improving their chances for job security.

In the article below from the folks at betterbusinessgrothfaster.com offers excellent tips to help give new employees the message, “HELP SELL THE COMPANY…”

The Top 8 Items You Must Add To Your Employee Handbook – Better Business Growth Faster


8-Must have tips for your employee hand book, to make your marketing work better.

When you communicate business expectations upfront, as part of an orientation, not only do you set the right frame of mind…you help the business grow without spending more money.

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