Career Realism – Bringing Situational Awareness into Your Relational Toolbox

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How many  times in your life have you walked out of a first encounter with another person feeling you could have done things differently?

In addition to what we say, there are things we could have done (or even taking the time to notice) that would have made the encounter more positive, effective or advantageous four ourselves.

And very few of these encounters are as critical as career encounters.

Career Toolbox

The article below from Careerealism.com, the article proposes adding a new skill to your arsenal of relational tools, situational awareness.  Situational awareness is not about being self conscious, it’s about paying attention.  And paying attention requires practice.

You’ll find when practicing situational awareness that your stress level goes down and you’re able to access a variety of other skills. And you’ll have a better chance for more positive career opportunities.

Using Situational Awareness in Your Career | CAREEREALISM


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In today’s hyper-competitive job market, adding a new skill (for free) to your career toolbox can make the difference between frustration or success.

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