Finding Success in Career Assessment

Successful people generally work in a career that they love. By using a career assessment test, you can discover your strengths and skills and match them to an occupation and working environment most suited to you. Career assessments tools come in many forms but most career assessment tests focus on the following:

  • Personality assessments seek your values and determine your decision making style.
  • Personality assessments evaluate how you convey information to others and your work style. They help match your personality to an occupation and working environment most compatible to you.
  • Skills and aptitudes assessments determine mathematical, analytical, artistic, and creative skills to name a few.
  • Interest assessment tests determine where your passions lie. These tests can help determine the best working environment for you (indoors or outdoors), or they can reveal if you’ll succeed best working with other people or independently.

Where to Find Career Assessment Tests

Most colleges and universities have qualified career counselors that have access to career assessment tests. You can also go online and find Web sites with free career assessments. You might try taking a number of different assessments that specialize in personality type, skills and aptitudes, and interests. You may find that your assessment results lead to a career totally unknown to you.

Career Assessment Options

Career and assessment tools are designed to help you learn more about yourself and to guide you to a rewarding career. As we grow and develop our interests change. So occasionally taking a career assessment test may be a great practice to understand your own growth. You may discover that your assessment confirms what you already know about yourself or it may lead you to a brand new career. Wherever your assessment guides you, it should be a good adventure and lead you to a much better understanding of yourself.

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