This Is Not My First Post

more-than-he-can-chewWell, technically it is for this new blog, but I have other blogs and have written many posts.

But I am glad to have made the switch to WordPress.  I bit off more than I could chew with my previous site.

I wanted to have tons of functionality, forums, plugins, components, automation.  You name it, I wanted it for my site.  So I settled on Joomla, the massive content management system that offers everything you could want in a site (including a HUGE learning curve).  Unfortunately, with all those bells and whistles you need LOTS of administrative focus and time to make it work.

Over the space of a year, I built several sites with Joomla.  And the work ballooned.  And the sites grew.  Don’t get me wrong, they were terrific sites, but I was wondering whether I needed to hire an IT staff to keep up with it.

So I bit the bullet and switched to WordPress.  Does it have all the massive functionality of Joomla, not really.  Did I need all the massive functionality, no, not at all.  Actually WordPress gives me all I need and then some.  Joomla gave me all I needed and WAY more.  I just need what WordPress gives me.

That’s a life lesson I continuously need to follow – start with what you need, add from there.

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