Here’s Why I think We’re at The Bottom

We're at the bottom

I have a newsreader (the thing that acts like a newspaper but with blog posts).  I regularly follow approximately thirty different real estate and mortgage related blogs.  If you follow my twitter posts, nearly half of them are about the content of these real estate blogs.

Over the past year, almost all the blog posts have been bad news.

– Pricing drops in nearly all geographic areas
– Substantial home builders filing for chapter 11
– Stories about massive foreclosures
– Tales of woe, misery and pain

My conversations with my colleagues and network contacts were dismal and depressing

About a month ago this started to change. Certainly there are still numerous examples and stories about the down economy, but I began to notice bog posts and news stories that I have not seen in quite a while.

Here are some of these posts just from last week:

Sales of Existing Homes Rise, Fueled by Tax Credit – Builders Online Blog

New-Home Sales Rise 4.7% in February – Builders Online Blog

Signs of Recovery – Homes Sales Insights Blog

Signs of Life in California Real Estate – CNN Money Blog

WHAT’S THIS?!? Phrases such as, “Rise”, “Recovery”, “Signs of Life” in blogs posts? Prior to this week, I had not seen blogs posting with these words.

Are there problems? Absolutely, most of the blogs are still talking about the problems, however there bits and slivers of positive things are starting to creep into blog posts.

And I have seen more of it in the past week than in the past year.

Do we have a still more to go?  Yup.

Do I think were at the bottom? Yup.


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