Invitation to Public Speaking

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INVITATION TO PUBLIC SPEAKING, 3e, was designed to provide you with solid public speaking skills that will serve you well in the classroom and far beyond.

This text shows you the power and importance of public speaking in your life as well as in the community.

The author, who is a public speaking professor, takes time to teach you the “how” of speaking skills while also explaining “why” certain things must be done in a speech–and “why” you would want to speak publi… More >>

Invitation to Public Speaking

3 thoughts on “Invitation to Public Speaking”

  1. This seller is not reliable at all. Even if you have made contact with them, they will not contact you regarding your order. Awful, awful, awful. I am disappointed that Amazon would allow this seller to represent their trusted marketplace.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. This book is fairly well laid out and is comprehensive. It is fairly engaging – not boring like so many other books on this subject tend to be. For that I would give the author four stars on content. I average that in with the one star I give her for an unnecessary third edition of a textbook on a field that barely moves less than three years after the second edition came out.

    What exactly has changed so much, dear author, that you felt a need to change your book so soon? For one, I can’t see much in the way of changes, and also, it is not like people were speaking the language of Beowulf in 2005, and you had to change with the times. No, somehow I think the fact that the second edition now goes for under ten dollars for a used copy was the incentive for the author rearranging her words and putting yet another unnecessary overpriced edition into circulation, increasing the financial burden on students. Let’s face it, college students are the target market for this book.

    If you go and look at the number of pages and the artwork for her second edition, you are getting exactly the same number of pages and artwork. And the professors, like lemmings, just assume that the latest is the greatest when in fact nothing of merit has changed.

    If you want a good book on public speaking and you are studying on your own get this author’s second edition Invitation to Public Speaking (Wadsworth Series in Speech Communication). You are not losing anything by chosing that edition over this one.
    Rating: 2 / 5


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