Persuasive Writing: 3 Useful Persuasive Writing Tips for Beginners

Persuasive writing can be a bit of a challenge, especially for beginners. Unlike descriptive essays, persuasive articles have a mission to convince readers about a certain issue or subject.

This kind of article also takes on a more serious tone. Some of the more popular choices range from policy to politics.

There are key characteristics of persuasive writing every beginner must know. These notes will help you ease into the role of a persuasive writer easily – without any unnecessary problems.

1) Open strong.

Persuasive writing doesn’t require a lot of flowery words as much as it requires you to make strong statements.

Actually, it is your first statement that will set the tone for the rest of the article. If your first statement is weak and wobbly, how can you possibly convince your readers to read the rest of your piece?

2) Decide on your side.

One mistake beginners usually make in persuasive writing is not being able to communicate which side they’re on exactly. The writer ends up making both sides meet in the conclusion.

In the process of writing, they end up being persuaded by both sides. While this is acceptable in some situations, you can’t just keep putting yourself in safe mode. At the worst, others won’t take your essay seriously.

3) Make sure you’re covered from all sides.

One of the most challenging things about persuasive writing is that readers are bound to criticize your work. They’ll be looking for loopholes, especially if they’re rooting for the opposite team.

If you want to convince them, you have to make sure that you’ve got everything covered. You can’t wait for other people to make counter arguments on your key points. You have to anticipate them all before you even write your essay.

The art of persuasive writing is not that easy at first. However, with enough practice and preparation, you’ll be able to make good arguments and convince other people to agree with you.

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