Public Speaking Tips : How to Close a Public Speech

Learn great closing remarks to make in public speaking from a professional public speaker. Expert: Scott Ginsberg Contact: Bio: Scott Ginsberg is an author of five books, a professional speaker, and the only person in the world who wears a name tag 24-7 to make people friendlier. Filmmaker: Ross Safronoff

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17 thoughts on “Public Speaking Tips : How to Close a Public Speech”

  1. Superb video as always Mclovin! lol Good stuff. If anyone wants to know there are also some great tips on publicspeakingformula[dot].com

  2. @DoctorComicsCGC Lol. You’re not suppose to memorize it. Infact, he’s purposely doing it so you know what hes doing. But it still looks like hes looking directly at us most of the time.
    Thats the mark of a public speaker my friend. I’ve studied public speaking for four years. It takes skill to train your eyes to do that.

  3. Hehe ur ryte meinsteen…. he is… and it’s hardly noticeable till u pointed it out…. But he’s been a great help… State finals here I come!!!

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