Public Speaking Tips : How to Use Openers in Public Speaking

Learn the different ways you can begin a public speech in this free video lesson from a professional public speaker. Expert: Scott Ginsberg Contact: www.himynameisscott.com Bio: Scott Ginsberg is an author of five books, a professional speaker, and the only person in the world who wears a name tag 24-7 to make people friendlier. Filmmaker: Ross Safronoff

7 thoughts on “Public Speaking Tips : How to Use Openers in Public Speaking”

  1. Good openers really grab the attention of audience. They can’t wait to hear more.
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  2. i got some help from this really im a freshman in college and am taking a ridiculous speech class and this video really helped kill some of my anxiety in a way thanks bra

  3. uh….i like it, but it would be better if not reading (your eyes ….focus too much on the paper in front of the camera). walk the talk 🙂

  4. Your audience will take away two things ? the last video i watched of yours you said they remember one thing.

    Another poor expert from the leading producers of false education videos.


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