Public Speaking/Presentation Skills: World Champion of Public Speaking Darren LaCroix


Do you want to improve your public speaking skills?

Do you want to develop public speaking skills?

Learn Presentation Skills from the Toastmasters International 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking, Darren LaCroix.

He started with severe stage fright and over came his fear of public speaking to triumph over 25000 speaking contestants from 14 countries

Enjoy this excerpt from a DVD program from this outstanding speaker.

23 thoughts on “Public Speaking/Presentation Skills: World Champion of Public Speaking Darren LaCroix”

  1. This presenter early on states, “it used to be 9….now it is 10” drop boring details. My point is content is more important than presentation. People, take acting lessons. You can not make boring persons or boring content engaging.

  2. After 2700 paid presentations, I know how much practice it really takes. Thanks Darren! Check out some of my speaker training videos on my channel.

  3. I believe at the end of the video he was going to say “the pause.” Pausing helps listeners digest the information you just told them and can help bring their attention back up to you.

  4. Darren,
    Powerful point. The best at anything work with a coach – even presentation skills.
    George Torok
    The Speech Coach for Executives

  5. You know, I was in a Toastmasters Conference here a few years ago and I saw this guy and he was awesome. Afterwards I talked to him and I got his autograph. Thank You.

  6. Darren LaCroix has one thing right – to get as good as he is at anything, you have to spend a LOT of time on it! Imagine all those hours of watching winners videos over and over again!
    And they also say that doing something once, is worth reading about it a hundred times… (or something to that effect!).

  7. what’s number 2 anyway?.
    who made this video like this short. i think person who made this video short has a good skill to make people curious.


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