Tips On Public Speaking; The Seven Secrets You Need to Know

With the information age upon us, and immense knowledge being constantly shared, people are being asked more frequently to address public audiences. The need to define study tips on public speaking is rapidly growing. More and more people are standing in front of their audiences with nothing to say, or it seems that way. These following tips on public speaking will show you why it is important to target you message to an audience that will enjoy it.

1) Know the needs of your audience, and make sure your content is matched to those needs. Know you strongest and weakest points and emphasize your strongest during your presentation. Your audience needs to see you as a professional speaker that has studied the tips on public speaking. You will grab your audience’s attention if you come across as actually knowing your subject.

2) Body Language is very important. Stand, walk around a bit, use appropriate hand gestures or facial expressions. This is much preferred to sitting down during your presentation. Be careful here, you do not want to look silly. Practice in front of a spouse, co-worker or friend, and act natural. If you look nervous, this will greatly affect your body language. Relax and stay calm. The reflection of your body language that you are displaying will be shown in your audience’s reaction to your presentation.

3) Pause – You need to give your audience and yourself time to reflect on a point you just made. Don’t rush through your presentation and leave you audience and yourself out of breath. A slow and steady pace, with appropriate pauses will make you seem relaxed and your audience is be relaxed.

4) Do not read from notes for any lengthy period of time. It is quite acceptable to glance at your notes, but do not read them. This will bore you audience and they will loose attention really fast. Once you have lost the attention of your audience, it is very difficult to get them back.

5) Speak with conviction. The most important of the tips on public speaking. Do you believe what you are saying? If you do not, your audience will not. You need to persuade you audience and to do this, you must believe in your material. If you actually believe in your material and portray this to your audience, they will begin to believe in your material. This will be a successful presentation.

6) Add Humor whenever possible. Make sure what you are saying is actually funny, not just for you, for others as well. There is nothing worse in a presentation that a bad joke. Make sure your humor is absolutely politically correct. The last thing you want is to offend your audience.

7) STOP – Yes, know when to stop. Time your presentation when you are practicing. When you end, summarize you main points. Terminate you presentation with an interesting remark or punch line. If things were going good in your presentation, then you notice your audience wandering, then you know you have good to long. End it quickly.

Using these seven secret tips on public speaking will greatly increase the changes of you having a successful public speaking experience. There are many more secrets not addressed here, but theses seven are an excellent place to start. By targeting you message to the correct audience and implementing these tips on public speaking in your next address, you will become a speaker that audience’s look forward to hear.

Joseph J. Wood, as a professional researcher and author, has dramatically helped increase the skills and abilities of many through his writings. On his website, he outlines many more secrets on this topic.

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