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Ed Andriessen - 2023Ed Andriessen

Speaker – Trainer – Author – Consultant

Welcome to my site where you’ll discover a variety of details about my skills, experiences, and interests.

My personal mission is “to help people achieve their brightest future”

I am passionate about supporting and encouraging people. I’ve discovered that the most powerful way to get the best from people is to consistently recognize them, support them and encourage them when they do good work.

I have a strong track record of delivering engaging and interactive training sessions that leave a lasting impact on participants.
If you provide consistent positive reinforcement for excellent work, people will respond to you with consistently excellent work!

Currently the Owner/Director of:

  • Business Training Resource – A training firm specializing in communication and management skill development for companies in NJ and PA.
  • Executive Effectiveness – a coaching practice specializing in helping executives build self-awareness, personal organization, and effective management habits.
  • The Princeton Center for NLP – the Delaware Valley’s leading provider of training and information on the study  of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

All of these companies exist to support my mission to help people achieve their brightest future.

Training and Consulting

I am currently engaged in several training and continuous studies projects for several NJ Educational Institutions:

I am also a partner in The Institute for Work Attitude and Motivation, which provides consulting services to organizations using a cutting-edge behavioral profile, the iWAM.

Detailed History

If you want to see my corporate profile, click here for my LinkedIn Profile. You can also check out my other websites (which include both business and personal pictures).

My career has focused on Internet marketing for businesses, management and leadership development, quality consulting, sales management, and training.

Explore and contact

I’d like to invite you to explore my background and resources, review my articles & presentations, and determine if you need the services of an experienced professional who helps organizations and people get more business!

If you are interested in reproducing any of my articles or presentations, please get in touch with me at 609-531-4776  or go to the contact page to e-mail me.