Conquering the Fear of Public Speaking — There are Many Ways

Motivated by the Fear of Public Speaking Although I had a clear vision for my public speaking career when I started twenty years ago,  I was still very anxious about speaking in public for several years. I joined Toastmasters because my Father was a Toastmaster and developed excellent speaking skills.  Toastmasters gave me the confidence … Read more

Public Speaking – Do You Have a Clearly Defined Subject?

This may sound like an elementary question, but you would be surprised how many speakers try to prepare a talk before clearly defining their subject.Often, a presenter can give you a general idea of their topic, but not a specific one; it is this absence of a clearly defined subject that is the root cause of many subsequent problems.

Here are just two.

First, a fuzzy subject makes doing research difficult and, therefore, much more time consuming.

Second, it creates confusion when you are trying to determine the goal of your presentation.

Developing a clearly defined subject is so important that Chapter 3 is devoted entirely to this topic. For now, suffice it to say that the sooner you know the subject of your talk, the better.

Once you decide on a subject, make sure you can say it in simple terms. Speakers should be able to articulate clearly the reason for their talk in just a few words. Below are some pithy titles that leave little need for explanation. They pack a punch and make the subject matter clear to the casual observer:

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Using Humor In Public Speaking

It has been said that public speaking is more frightening to the average person than violence, natural catastrophe or death. However, public speaking need not cause such trepidation.

As with many of the bolder, more “extreme” activities in life- be it dangerous sports, riding on a roller coasters or partaking in the performing arts- once an individual has “broken the ice,” gained experience and felt the rush of adrenalin brought upon by the activity- what was once terrifying and nearly unthinkable is suddenly pleasurable, immensely satisfying, even addictive.

Whether you have to deliver a speech, presentation or other type of address, one of the keys to happy and successful public speaking is gathering up one’s nerve, taking that first leap and just doing it! But that first attempt will yield greater results and feel less scary if the first time speaker is prepared in terms of approach, attitude and delivery, and armed with the best, most appropriate and effective words to speak.

And one of the key elements in many effective speeches is humor. Human beings love to experience the release that humor offers- the unexpected twist, the totally different perspective in looking at an issue or problem, the light comedic take on a serious issue or problem. Why deliver a plain, regular, predictable speech, when you can deliver a funny speech? Funny usually equals more entertaining and more memorable.

If the speech is about highly technical matters- be it for a specific company, industry or field of interest- the speaker can get appropriate and appreciated laughs by making fun of the technical terms- or jargon- employed by the members of the group. Perhaps the group members employ an “alphabet soup” of acronyms for things. Good comedy undoubtedly will come out of that, as well as other “insider” terms and concepts. Individuals involved in a specific scene or milieu love hearing irreverent or mocking comments having to do with their special “world.” Whether your group is bankers, bottle cap manufacturers or spotted moth enthusiasts, they will greatly appreciate and heartily laugh at well-constructed jokes referencing their area of work, interest or expertise.

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Public Speaking Tips : How to Close a Public Speech

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Public Speaking Tips: How to Prepare a Public Speech

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Public Speaking for College and Career

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Public Speaking Training on Presentation Skills – a Beginner’s Guide

If you’re new to public speaking, then let’s start with an easy way of understanding presentation skills.

Simply put, presentation skill is the process of efficiently, effectively, and elegantly communicating and transmitting your message to your audience.

Your message may be simple or complex.

Presentation skills can vary depending on why you’re speaking in the first place and what you’re trying to accomplish: you may be attempting to persuade and influence your audience, or you may be trying to inspire and enlighten, or you may be required to impart new skills and abilities, or you may just be there to report facts and data.

Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, you can use various presentation aids such as a flip chart, PowerPoint presentations with a projector or a whiteboard or flip chart.

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Word Choice for Public Speaking: Speaking Clearly in Public Speeches

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Public Speaking: An Audience-Centered Approach

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