How to Talk to Anyone

How to Talk to Anyone northeastern title loan What is that magic quality makes some people instantly loved and respected? Everyone wants to be their friend (or, if single, their lover!) In business, they rise swiftly to the top of the corporate ladder. What is their “Midas touch?” What it boils down to is the … Read more

Career Realism – Bringing Situational Awareness into Your Relational Toolbox

Career frustrations How many  times in your life have you walked out of a first encounter with another person feeling you could have done things differently? In addition to what we say, there are things we could have done (or even taking the time to notice) that would have made the encounter more positive, effective … Read more

Saying What’s Real: 7 Keys to Authentic Communication and Relationship Success

Saying What’s Real: 7 Keys to Authentic Communication and Relationship Success Whether with friends, lovers, neighbors, family members, or business associates, the bedrock of healthy relationships is always the same: honest, clear communication. Drawing on her years of experience as a relationship coach and a teamwork consultant to Fortune 500 companies, Susan Campbell shows readers … Read more

Guide to Managerial Communication

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Business Communication

Business Communication ISBN13: 9781591391135 Condition: New Notes: BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, Over one million books sold! 98% Positive feedback. Compare our books, prices and service to the competition. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Product Description Effective communication is a vital skill for everyone in business today. Great communicators have a distinct advantage in building influence and jumpstarting their … Read more

Communication Skills


By M.Srinivasa Rao

The ability or the skill to transfer one’s thoughts, ideas and information from the sender to the receiver with the latter being understood the same effectively and efficiently is known as communication skills. It is one of the greatest skills of the soft skills and its importance is growing rapidly due to the rising complexities as a result of technological inventions.

In corporate terminology, communication is the process of exchange of information from the sender to the receiver and vice versa. There are different types of communication such as downward communication, upward communication, horizontal communication, crosswise communication, verbal communication; written communication etc., In downward communication, the flow of information is from the people at the superior level to the people at the subordinate level. On the other hand, in upward communication, the flow of information is from the subordinate level to the superior level. In horizontal information, the flow of information is from the people of same level to that of their counterparts at the same level. In crosswise communication, the flow of information is from one level to any other level which is either diagonal or crosswise without any reporting relationship. In verbal communication, the flow of communication, which is transferred orally to any level, and it is the most effective one as one can communicate effectively with one’s body language so as to have profound impact on the receiver. Whenever, there is a need to record the information in black and white, and then people go for written communication in which the communication is through mass mailing in written form.

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Different Kinds of Communication

Forms of Communication Each communication type can be classified on the basis of the various methods, processes, channel and style used for it. On The Basis of Communication Channel.

The process of communication involves encoding and sending of a message by the sender and transmission of the same via a communication channel for being received by the receiver who is responsible for decoding and processing of the transmitted information and replying back via a communication channel.

  • Verbal Communication: This can be further differentiated into oral and written communication. Oral communication lays emphasis on speaking words which are utilized for face-to-face, on-the-phone, voice chat or Internet communication. The effectiveness of these words depends upon pitch, speed, voice modulation, clarity and volume of speaking.

Written communication includes communication by email or snail mail. The writing style, grammar, language precision, grammar and vocabulary used are important facets of written communication. Pictorial representations, paintings, photographs, signboards, sketch and symbolic communication also falls under this category. Humans have used this for recording history through cave writing dating back to more than a million years.

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Public Speaking – Giving a Great Speech: Eye Contact

payday loan with no checking account Great public speakers make eye contact in order to connect with the audience. lizkallochdesigns.com/images/default/ Here’s some tips on how to develop good eye contact while speakings from a communications specialist  Tracy Goodwin Bio: Tracy has a masters in corporate communication and ten years experience in professional speaking. Filmmaker: MAKE … Read more