Dr. John Grinder defines Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

An interview with John Grinder October 2008. Q1. What is the definition of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

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  1. @aarojas Some of language John uses draws more from the intellectual antecedents of NLP, the cognitive sciences and especially linguistics. I personally don’t think his use of language has anything to do with copywriting, packaging and marketing especially considering that so many trainers of NLP fail to reference to Grinder when taking his work.

  2. @razieloner77 agreed. Grinder just invented a language with neurolinguistic computer vocabulary to describe it, which has allowed him to copywrite it, package it, and sell it. What do others think?

  3. @InspiritiveNLP what post-graduate program are you talking about? Could you provide a link to the institution that offers such a program?

  4. @TuRdSandwitch18 It’s obvious you didn’t listen because one of the things he talked about was being open minded and listening to new things. Absorbing what you heard was what the whole thing is about. What he is really saying is intelligent people will learn new concepts by letting them flow over them, rather than trying to grasp them. One should not try to reach for the knowledge, one should let the knowledge come to them.

  5. @simonhdenis A key to NLP modelling is creating a ‘know nothing’ state within yourself before entering into the context where you have exposure to the expert engaged in the skill you want to capture. Creating an appropriate state for modelling is an important skill that we teach as on the modelling module of our post-graduate program in NLP.

  6. Fascinating. Basically, in order to learn new skills or aspire to be greater in a given field, your cup has to be empty. I guess emptying your cup is the hard part.

  7. it mean if you have a full cup of tea, you cannot pour any more tea into your cup,, what he is saying is empty the damn cup before you pour anymore tea and you might get to taste some new tea

  8. @TuRdSandwitch18
    Well NLP can help you get laid, make friends, make money… There are a multitude of NLP applications already and new ones being developed. However, you need to learn NLP first before you can apply it.

  9. Children are openminded, innocent, non programmed, non prejudice, have no standards, norms and value, this makes them not use comparative analysing. Adults can also be as children, they just have to become openminded like a child.

  10. People who are interested in NLP or Errickson in general should learn about Taoist philosophy. I wont tell you why, it’s more fun to discover it on your own.

  11. y dont these people ever speak english? i dont understand wot the hell he’s on about, adn how does this relate to real life? will nlp help you get laid? or make friends? or make money? for example, if so i’d probably be more insterested

  12. hi, just looking at johngrinderdotcom for upcoming courses by Mr. Grinder, and the links from his website, whisperinginthewinddotcom and nlpwhisperinginthewinddotcom dont seem to be workable. so just thought i might pass it on that there may be some problem there.
    like Mr. Grinder very much, and do hope to attend a new code introduction very soon.

  13. You could not be mistaken. Grinder has continued to model and produce new patterns. Some of which he has incorporated into the new code of NLP. Other patterns he has developed and applied in his and Bostic St Clairs work as management consultants. I agree with your statement that he is an eloquent speaker.

  14. The difference between Grinder and Bandler is that Grinder has remained in NLP circa 1975 where Bandler has developed beyond the original NLP model. Grinder is an elequent speaker.

  15. That’s a really interesting point and I can definitely see why you would mention that. I’ve found that comparing people probably isn’t the best idea in comparison to taking what you’ve learned from everyone into a mental folder to be analyzed then to come to your own conclusion of the material in allocation. Just a thought… : )

  16. i totally agree, i reckon its human ego and over analysis of ourselves that stops us from growing intellectually. we think we have it all figured out

  17. Trumps Richard Bandler ?…Are you stoned ? John Grinder has a completely different personality than Richard Bandler !…..John Grinder sounds more intellectual than Richard Bandler……ok…thats great…. but “trumps ” him….lol…not hardly dude !

  18. I am so glad to hear somebody else say and think what I think and arrive upon the same conclusions I did through experience and trial and error throughout life. It is very comforting to know that I am not crazy. (^_^)

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