Top 10 Reasons for Online Training

1) Learning is on your own terms!  You can access the courses you want at any time, from any place.

2) You’re in charge of your own learning. You can complete entire courses to learn a brand new skill or hone specific skill areas where you need brush ups or instant answers to specific questions. It’s up to you how you use the courses.

3) You can learn the way you learn best and meets your personal needs.

4) The material is always current and is updated as information changes.  You’ll always get the latest information, from leaders in education and the training arena.

5) You’ll have a 24/7 technical help line available to you in case you have problems or questions.

6) CEU’s can be earned for most courses.

7) It’s inexpensive.  You can get this affordable training for the cost of a one-day generic public seminar. And— the good news— most employers will reimburse you for the training if you have education benefits available at your company.

8) You don’t need a lot of fancy computer hardware and software. Most people have everything it takes to work through the classes at their workplace and on their home desktop.

9) You will be able to document your learning outcomes.

10) You can create a personal development plan that is flexible, doable, and tailored to your needs — and still stay within budget.

In today’s changing economic climate many organizations are looking for ways to deploy training with minimal cost. Having an instructor-led training can be expensive, with costs including instructor fees and travel related expenses.

Additionally, instructor-led training isn’t always as efficient as it needs to be, considering the logistics of planning and delivering on-site courses and the need for targeted participants to be away from their jobs at the same time.

Organizations with satellite offices have the flexibility of providing training without the expense of bringing everyone to one location. The outcome is a cost-effective method of providing training to larger numbers of employees.

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