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On February 19th, 2010

Public Speaking - Giving a Great Speech: Eye Contact

Great public speakers make eye contact in order to connect with the audience.

Here's some tips on how to develop good eye contact while speakings from a communications specialist  Tracy Goodwin

Bio: Tracy has a masters in corporate communication and ten years experience in professional speaking. Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA

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14 responses to “Public Speaking - Giving a Great Speech: Eye Contact”

  1. 846524162 says:

    She looks like a teacher I had in my school and I hated her....

  2. megamatt53 says:

    its easier said then done dudet !!!!!

  3. Travelgirl27 says:

    Great tips-thanks!

  4. sofiew1 says:

    oatmeal face? Hahaha!

  5. Kristiniskool says:

    lol! I used to do that thing where you only stare at the teacher when giving a speech! It felt less imtimidating to look at 1 person rather than having to make eye contact with the entire class.. And I thought that that was okay for a while! Now I know that you must make eye contact with everyone, and nothing bad will happen if you do....=P

  6. OverfedPigeon says:

    Where's Jennifer Love Hewitt?

  7. 0casteloencantado0 says:

    i think i can befriend a blind person.

    and you've gor to check her videos on how to speak with a british dialect. HILARIOUS!

  8. cesarfreak says:


  9. mGoLos says:

    Very good info. Thanks.

  10. IdealThinker says:

    wonderful advice! Thanks

  11. insolence says:

    LOl i know, so many people have public speaking issues

  12. lijunxing0773 says:

    "it would b more fun to lick cardboards"

  13. jscherr1970 says:

    I keep laughing out loud at some of your examples. Thanks from a high school speech teacher.

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