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Secret of Change Management - motivation, leadership skills, development, styles and business strategy - motivational conference keynote speaker - speech by Patrick Dixon How to make things happen - change management, motivating people, leadership styles - motivational speech by Patrick Dixon.

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Issues of Business Growth

Experts have described six specific stages most of the successful companies experienced when aiming for company growth, where each stage is faced by a set of challenges. The firm will need to constantly monitor the changes it is going through as it moves from one stage to another.

Most importantly managerial changes need to be observed in between stage changes. The six stages to be focused on are:

1) conception/existence

2) survival

3) stabilization

4) growth

5) take-off

6) maturity

The early stages of the firm’s survival are dependent on the founder’s abilities and commitment, which is of utmost importance. As the company develops and aims to grow further, specialist skills in the managerial sector of the business are necessary are required. It is crucial that management spends adequate hours developing their skills and working as a team. (more…)

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Library - 8 Biggest Mistakes Webinar - #2

Here is my archive copy of the second excerpt from a recent webinar, “The 8 Biggest Mistakes for Business Blogs (and How to Avoid Them)”.

This piece discusses, "Mistake #2 - Not Having A Strategy".  The solution is to select the optimal strategy for the blog, either external or internal and then apply the category (or combination of categories) to maintain focus.

If you are interested in viewing the entire webinar, please visit Business Training Resource and sign up for the newsletter and updates. You'll gain immediate access to the entire webinar recording.


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