Business Growth – Doing It Through The Employee Handbook

Human Resources and Business Growth I’ve worked with many Human Resource professionals in my career.  I’ve developed a tremendous amount of respect for these hardworking people and I’m glad I don’t have to do their job. Recruiting, hiring, training, adjusting attitudes, following regulations, generating the mountains of required documentation, and numerous other responsibilities to no end.   But … Read more

Secret of Change Management – motivation, leadership skills, development, styles and business strategy – motivational conference keynote speaker – speech by Patrick Dixon

todays crazy world www.globalchange.com How to make things happen – change management, motivating people, leadership styles – motivational speech by Patrick Dixon.

How to Measure Business Growth

There is a lot of contention these days about measuring business growth and ROI. With the boom of social media taking the forefront in a lot of businesses’ marketing campaigns, the problem comes to play with the lack of metrics available for this type of marketing tool.

It’s become discouraging to a lot of prospective social media users because they have a hard time buying into a product that offers little in the way of traceable returns.

By applying a few simple measures to your business social media marketing plan, and watching a few traditional gauges, even in these web-based times, you do have the ability to measure your business growth.

Track with bit.ly Links for Social Media Efforts

Bit.ly is a link shortening site that is best suited for twitter or other social media content posts. The links can go to any site you want to drive traffic to and improve ranking, and can be tracked in real time based on the geographic location and specific content that drew attention.

Monthly reporting can be done to gauge how much more business is potentially being brought in by your social media marketing efforts.

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Small Business Internet Marketing: Ideas & Solutions for Advertising Small Businesses Online: The Sales Lead Generation Bible

Product Description This book cuts to the chase, and is very direct about its purpose and how it will improve your business: “Small Business Marketing is only about getting more customers-about generating leads that become the sort of clients you want many more of. Everything else like ‘raising your profile’ is just so much hot … Read more

Help – For your business and small business growth

Web & online business growth will revolve around your commitment levels. The following tips will be useful in taking your business forward.

Even affiliate marketing which is often projected as the best candidate for passive income needs constant work.

Unless you’re in regular contact with your customers & provide useful service or deliver valuable products, you cannot expect your bank account to swell. Even the so-called automated income streams need your regular personal attention.

1. Set monthly targets for achievements

To achieve web marketing business growth, it is important that you’ve achievable targets & work towards accomplishing them. In the digital world, smart work is often the key  than hard work. Raising the bar at regular intervals & identifying the means to reach the new aim post are important.

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Business Communication

Business Communication ISBN13: 9781591391135 Condition: New Notes: BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, Over one million books sold! 98% Positive feedback. Compare our books, prices and service to the competition. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Product Description Effective communication is a vital skill for everyone in business today. Great communicators have a distinct advantage in building influence and jumpstarting their … Read more

Profitable Growth Is Everyone’s Business: 9 Tools You Can Use Monday Morning

Product Description The coauthor of the international bestseller Execution has created the how-to guide for solving today’s toughest business challenge: creating profitable growth that is organic, differentiated, and sustainable. For many, growth is about “home runs”—the big bold idea, the next new thing, the product that will revolutionize the marketplace. While obviously attractive and lucrative, … Read more

Profitable Growth Is Everyone’s Business: 10 Tools You Can Use Monday Morning

ISBN13: 9781400051526 Condition: NEW Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark. Product Description The coauthor of the international bestseller Execution has created the how-to guide for solving today’s toughest business challenge: creating profitable growth that is organic, differentiated, and sustainable. For many, growth is about “home runs” – the big bold idea, the next … Read more

A Good I.d.e.a. for Business Growth

All owners want their businesses to grow. Many of us invest time and energy into planning how we will grow our businesses.

The biggest problem with growing a business is neither the lack of desire or planning.

It’s finding and implementing the right strategies. There simply are too few sound strategies that owners can easily and effectively apply in their own businesses.

The Good I.D.E.A.

One of the best approaches to planning business growth is the I.D.E.A. concept: Identify Develop, Evaluate, Act.

Instead of re-inventing the growth-strategies wheel, I offer the following outline of the approach.

IDENTIFY—Specifically What Would You Like to Achieve?

Like all planning processes, this one starts with identification.

Specifically you start by identifying the growth you want: increased clients, revenue per client, sales volume etc. Regardless of what you plan to increase, it’s important to establish a clear measure for this improvement.

Identify the growth as measurable amounts such as “10%” or “15 over last year”. This yields an objective measure against which you can evaluate the results of your growth strategies.

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