Force of Nature

Now that the barriers to online video have fallen, many different channels are available to archive and distribute video.  This can be a fun thing for individuals and a GREAT marketing opportunity for businesses.  It is one of the new media tools that I now promote for businesses and professionals and an easy skill to pick up (even faster when you hire someone like me to show you how!)

Traditional marketing tools are still effective as well and when combined with new media, can compliment and enhance each other.

Over the years, I’ve shot video of many of my speeches and presentations, but never did much with them (other than harshly criticize the content and watch my hair disappear.)  So now that I have all this video and many channels, I’ll start posting them.

Here’s a recent speech I did for the Princeton Toastmasters International Speech Contest.  I won at the club level and didn’t place at the next contest.  I have that video too and I’ll post a critique of the differences in the two speeches in my next post.

For now, enjoy.

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