Success Management – Developing Personal Success Skills

Success management involves developing personal success skills that enable you to shine when others fail. Let’s start by asking you a few questions:

– Can you tell your employees what they want to hear, even though it is bad news?

– Do you know where you stand as a leader?

– Do you understand your own personal brand?

– Can you make a decision stick – and stick by your decision?

If you cannot answer all of these positively and with confidence then you need to work on your personal success skills. Success management will not help you manage success, but will help you to be successful. It might not make you a great manager or leader, but it can give you the right attitude towards achieving the success you desire.

Many people are unable to manage their personal lives, yet pretend to be able to manage others. Perhaps they can, but one measure of the success of a manager is how successful they lead their own life. Management is not leadership, of course, and it takes more than good management to make a good leader. However, success itself requires neither good management nor good leadership, although the latter is more of a measure than the former. Good leaders are respected, and true success management is difficult without gaining respect – the respect of your family, employees or colleagues, and even of those above you in the hierarchy.

There are 1001 websites offering you advice on success skills of one kind or another, and they might tell you that being a successful quarterback is different from being a successful husband, manager or TV producer. In saying that, they are making the mistake of equating success with knowledge and they are wrong. The attributes for success are the same whether you are a parent or a gymnast (or both): success is not knowledge but an attitude that can be learned.

Developing personal skills can be interesting and exciting, but most of all they will teach you success management. That term can refer to managing your success in business, in sport or as a person. Personal development techniques can be used to teach you many skills, such as how to be a good manager, they can teach the skills needed to become a leader that people will follow, or simply how to be a good parent and put yourself second, when you have to, to your child.

However, in saying that, personal development, particularly in respect of success management, is generally oriented towards the business world.

It involves enhancing your self confidence and self reliance: you do not have to rely on others for your success. That often results in failure. If you have sufficient confidence in your own abilities, then you have no need to rely on others – unless those others are your own team, built by yourself. Many potentially successful people make the mistake of not trusting their own judgment and fail because of the failure of others.

You can realize your inherent potential and be successful in your life if you are given the practical education to understand how to make the best of your own abilities without depending on anybody else. That is unless the ‘somebody else’ is your team that you have built and trained using the same ethos that enabled you to attain your own personal success skills.

Personal fulfillment comes from achieving your personal goals, and who better to do that than yourself. A personal development course can set you on the right road to your continual success and a belief in your abilities. Success management helps you to:

•    Improve your personal communication techniques
•    Build responsive interpersonal relationships and the respect of your team
•    Lead by example and show others how to do so also
•    Help others in their personal development and grow their own skills and abilities
•    Become a good leader as opposed to a good manager
•    Become successful

That last benefit goes without saying, and is a particular personal benefit, but the others also help other people to improve themselves and develop personal success skills of their own. That is a large part of success management and becoming a good leader – it is not all about just yourself, but also about helping others to attain their own true potential. By building such a team around you, you are paving your own way to success and training others to do so for themselves.

That is what gains you the respect, dedication and faith that others have in you and your abilities, all essential in a good leader. Success management is a combination of leadership development, personal development and developing the personal success skills that enable you to stand out above the others. That, after all, is what success is, not winning a lottery or dominating others but gaining their respect and respecting yourself. It can be taught.

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