NLP – Creating Irresistible Influence With NLP

Creating-Influence-with-NLPCreating Irresistible Influences with NLP, by Charles Faulkner is a 6 CD audio set that aims to teach people all about how to manage people in a way that others feel good about.

The premise of this series is really an old adage.  When you give people what they want, they will give you what they want. This seems like common sense when you’ve lived life long enough to figure this out.

But many people resist this idea, feel that it’s their way or no way, or simply don’t know how to be a powerbroker in order to give people what they want in the first place.

Creating Irresistible Influences with NLP, by Charles Faulkner takes care of that. In this dynamic series, the listener will learn some very key aspects, such as:

The difference between manipulating someone, and influencing them:  When people think that if they can control people and their outcomes by giving them what they want, their first thought might be that this is a manipulative practice.

Charles Faulkner challenges this notion.  He challenges the listener to consider the idea that there is a difference between influencing others, and in manipulating others.

The truth is that the person, and the energy of those two concepts are different.  As such, when you influence others, you leave them feeling empowered and good.  Manipulating others makes them feel victimized and bad. Charles Faulkner in Creating Irresistible Influence wants you to become an influencer.

The five levels of the pyramid of influence:  The series Creating Irresistible Influences teaches the listener exactly what this means, and how they can go about using the five levels of the pyramid of influence to their advantage.

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