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Business Growth - Doing It Through The Employee Handbook

business growthHuman Resources and Business Growth

I've worked with many Human Resource professionals in my career.  I've developed a tremendous amount of respect for these hardworking people and I'm glad I don't have to do their job.

Recruiting, hiring, training, adjusting attitudes, following regulations, generating the mountains of required documentation, and numerous other responsibilities to no end.  

But one of their most important tasks is to get a new employee "up and running" so the business can reap the rewards of a productive individual.

The importance of starting off right

One of the lost opportunities is to communicate the importance of helping the business grow.  So many employees just fall into a day to day routine that focuses only on job tasks, and lose site of the bigger picture, helping the business grow.  That is, everyone in the company is a salesperson.  Everyone is responsible for public relations.  

Whenever an employee promotes their company, they are actually improving their chances for job security.

In the article below from the folks at offers excellent tips to help give new employees the message, "HELP SELL THE COMPANY..."

The Top 8 Items You Must Add To Your Employee Handbook ... - Better Business Growth Faster


8-Must have tips for your employee hand book, to make your marketing work better.

When you communicate business expectations upfront, as part of an orientation, not only do you set the right frame of help the business grow without spending more money.

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How to Measure Business Growth

There is a lot of contention these days about measuring business growth and ROI. With the boom of social media taking the forefront in a lot of businesses’ marketing campaigns, the problem comes to play with the lack of metrics available for this type of marketing tool.

It’s become discouraging to a lot of prospective social media users because they have a hard time buying into a product that offers little in the way of traceable returns.

By applying a few simple measures to your business social media marketing plan, and watching a few traditional gauges, even in these web-based times, you do have the ability to measure your business growth.

Track with Links for Social Media Efforts is a link shortening site that is best suited for twitter or other social media content posts. The links can go to any site you want to drive traffic to and improve ranking, and can be tracked in real time based on the geographic location and specific content that drew attention.

Monthly reporting can be done to gauge how much more business is potentially being brought in by your social media marketing efforts. (more…)

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Small Business Internet Marketing: Ideas & Solutions for Advertising Small Businesses Online: The Sales Lead Generation Bible

Product Description

This book cuts to the chase, and is very direct about its purpose and how it will improve your business: "Small Business Marketing is only about getting more customers-about generating leads that become the sort of clients you want many more of. Everything else like 'raising your profile' is just so much hot air. Or falls in the category of "nice to have, but way too expensive for my small business".

This famous quote from John Wanamaker sums up the ... More >>

Small Business Internet Marketing: Ideas & Solutions for Advertising Small Businesses Online: The Sales Lead Generation Bible

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Success Management - Developing Personal Success Skills

Success management involves developing personal success skills that enable you to shine when others fail. Let's start by asking you a few questions:

- Can you tell your employees what they want to hear, even though it is bad news?

- Do you know where you stand as a leader?

- Do you understand your own personal brand?

- Can you make a decision stick - and stick by your decision?

If you cannot answer all of these positively and with confidence then you need to work on your personal success skills. Success management will not help you manage success, but will help you to be successful. It might not make you a great manager or leader, but it can give you the right attitude towards achieving the success you desire.

Many people are unable to manage their personal lives, yet pretend to be able to manage others. Perhaps they can, but one measure of the success of a manager is how successful they lead their own life. Management is not leadership, of course, and it takes more than good management to make a good leader. However, success itself requires neither good management nor good leadership, although the latter is more of a measure than the former. Good leaders are respected, and true success management is difficult without gaining respect - the respect of your family, employees or colleagues, and even of those above you in the hierarchy. (more…)

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Help - For your business and small business growth

Web & online business growth will revolve around your commitment levels. The following tips will be useful in taking your business forward.

Even affiliate marketing which is often projected as the best candidate for passive income needs constant work.

Unless you're in regular contact with your customers & provide useful service or deliver valuable products, you cannot expect your bank account to swell. Even the so-called automated income streams need your regular personal attention.

1. Set monthly targets for achievements

To achieve web marketing business growth, it is important that you've achievable targets & work towards accomplishing them. In the digital world, smart work is often the key  than hard work. Raising the bar at regular intervals & identifying the means to reach the new aim post are important. (more…)

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Management Development Training for Men and Women – is There Any Difference?

So is this difference in style just a perception or is it based on any evidence?

We are aware of the animal studies than show the differences in behavior between males and females that have characterized females as being more nurturing and of males classically exhibiting aggressive, dominant "A"€ type behavior -€“ but how far do these results transfer across to management roles in organizations?

We also know that there are differences in some physical performance aspects of men and women which have to be taken account – especially in occupations where physical strength and stamina is important e g The Army, The Fire Brigade

When we look at some of the more sophisticated Psychometric tests measuring personality characteristics such as 16pf, we do know that there are some gender differences which are significant enough for us to use different norm tables for men or women in order to normalize any comparative results.

So if we accept that there are some gender based differences in managerial style and approach should we then provide different forms of management development training for man and women? (more…)

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CoachingOurselves: Management Development

CoachingOurselves is a management development coaching program co-created by Professor Henry Mintzberg, a renowned academic and author on organizations and management, and Phil LeNir, former director in a global high-tech firm.

The peer-to-peer coaching approach is a highly effective method of management & leadership skills development used in wide range of organizations around the world.

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Value Driven Organization and Business Growth

Short piece on new emerging business paradigm. Interview with Jeff Dunn, Richard Hawkes, Dawna Markova and Richard Barrett, in Costa Rica at the CEO Leadership Summit. Looking at business as a platform for solving global issues. Produced by Growth River.

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Profitable Growth Is Everyone's Business: 9 Tools You Can Use Monday Morning

Product Description

The coauthor of the international bestseller Execution has created the how-to guide for solving today’s toughest business challenge: creating profitable growth that is organic, differentiated, and sustainable.

For many, growth is about “home runs”—the big bold idea, the next new thing, the product that will revolutionize the marketplace. While obviously attractive and lucrative, home runs don’t happen every day and frequently come in cycles. ... More >>

Profitable Growth Is Everyone's Business: 9 Tools You Can Use Monday Morning

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Management Development

It's not easy being a manager.  Where, in times of trouble, does the business buck get stopped?  With the manager.  Who, when things go well, ends up with the burden of expectation that, from now on, above-average performance becomes the norm?  The manager.  And who gets nailed from all sides, when those new averages can't be maintained?  Got it in one.

The manager is responsible for the performance, or non-performance of all staff – despite the fact that, as often as not, the manager has had promotion thrust upon them, pulled, like Macbeth, into a web of forces beyond their control.  This, then, is where management development comes in.  Management development allows companies to train their (often reluctant) managers – giving them the tools to make their lives a lot easier and company productivity a lot better.

Management development, like most work-related training programs, can be undertaken with minimal disruption to the daily running of an office or store.  Good management development courses are tailored to the needs of the company in question – so one management development model might be on-site training for store managers, while another might involve single-day seminars for mid-level office management.  In all cases, management development training focuses on a Sun Tzu-esque single-minded issue – teaching normal people to lead. (more…)

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